Initial Support

Bank of America

Bank of America has been supporting initiatives of the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC) since 2008. Bank of America has played an active role in TSAHC's efforts to educate Texas consumers by funding professional development opportunities for housing and financial counselors and foreclosure prevention counseling services for homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments. TSAHC is grateful to count on Bank of America's additional support to bring the Texas Financial Toolbox site to consumers in Texas.

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Based in Kingwood, Texas, Insperity’s mission is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. For more than 28 years, Insperity has been providing nonprofits and small businesses with an array of human resource and business solutions designed to help improve their business performance. Insperity is committed to giving back to communities and is passionate about enriching the quality of life for others. TSAHC is grateful to count on Insperity's ongoing financial support to continue to provide the Texas Financial Toolbox site to consumers in Texas

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Additional Support


      Tom Sawyer, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Pam Anderson, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Scott Drescher, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Mary Galland, TSAHC-Approved Lender
      NMLS 208605/Branch NMLS 281018
      Equal Housing Opportunity 

      Mike Gonzalez,TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Jordan O'Brien, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Dina Pierson, TSAHC-Approved Lender


      Victor Owens, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Denise Druzbik King, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Karen Trevino, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Judy Miller, TSAHC-Approved Lender

      Flora Biscotto, TSAHC-Approved Lender


Marla Lynn Barrera, REALTOR®                                                 Diana McDowell, REALTOR®
Marla Lynn Properties                                                                  Keller Williams Realty

MaryAnn Comparin Jones, TSAHC-Approved Lender           Mary Stephens, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation                          Everett Financial, Inc. dba Supreme Lending   

Myron Myers, REALTOR®                                                            Kandace Tran, TSAHC-Approved Lender
JLA Realty                                                                                      Absolute Mortgage and Lending, a dba of Georgetown Mortgage

Cerita Loftis, REALTOR®                                                             Annamaria Wise, REALTOR®
RE/MAX Cross Country                                                                Wise Choice Realty Group

Kay Haggard, REALTOR®                                                           John Wren, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Trellis Real Estate LLC                                                                 Certainty Home loans, LLC 

Jaylee Baker Greenway, TSAHC-Approved Lender               Cheri Zaberer, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Guaranteed Rate                                                                          Highlands Residential Mortgage, Ltd.  

Eloy Benavides, TSAHC-Approved Lender                               Jael Zelada, TSAHC-Approved Lender
American Financial Network, Inc.                                              American Financial Network

Ana Calzada, TSAHC-Approved Lender                                   Kim Lewis, TSAHC-Approved Lender 
Wallick & Volk, Inc.                                                                      Guild Mortgage Corporation          

Jenni Feist, TSAHC-Approved Lender                                      Judy Miller, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Highlands Residential Mortgage, Ltd.                                       Guild Mortgage Corporation

Sandra Gonzalez Marin, REALTOR®                                         Toni Sarzoza, REALTOR®
Ridge Gate Realty                                                                        Alamo Top Realty-Vortex Realty 

Ellen Hakala, TSAHC-Approved Lender                                   James Washington, REALTOR® 
Colonial Savings, F.A.                                                                  JWASH Real Estate

Jana Hellbusch, REALTOR®                                                       Lucy Knox, REALTOR®
All City Real Estate                                                                       Flora Vista Realty

Lesli Womack, TSAHC-Approved Lender                                 Minerva Simpson, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Affiliated Bank                                                                               Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Jenay Bowen, TSAHC-Approved Lender                                 Jana Longbotham, TSAHC-Approved Lender
Summit Funding                                                                           Movement Mortgage

Shannon Lasater, TSAHC-Approved Lender                           Jamie Slagel, REALTOR®
Supreme Lending                                                                        Slagel Management

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